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Storm Damaged Trees

Perhaps the most common cause of tree emergencies is storm damage. Even very healthy and well-maintained trees can fall victim to strong winds and rains. Long periods of soggy ground can cause roots to pull up, making a tree tilt or even fall. Powerful wind or a strike of lightning can crack branches or split a tree.

Always carefully assess the trees on your property after a storm. Branches can be broken and hanging by a thread. Such branches are tremendous hazards just waiting to fall on your family or property at an unexpected time.

If you notice a broken branch or a weakened trunk, call for emergency tree storm damage help immediately. Even if a branch is not obviously hanging or the split in a tree will not immediately result in a tree falling, it is wise to have an arborist come out to assess the damage. They know whether a branch or tree will be able to survive or whether it is permanently weakened.

Debris Removal

While it is very common for trees and branches to be stuck somewhere between breaking and falling, often trees and branches come down completely. It is smart to remove broken branches and fallen trees as quickly as possible.

You'll be amazed by how soon the wood dies and begins to rot, attracting disease and insects to your property. As soon as you realize that you have a downed branch or tree which you are not able to remove yourself call Johnson Tree Service Inc (708) 755-7918 for emergency tree removal services.


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Tree Storm Damage
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